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About Hi-Tech Ceramics

Since 1975, Hi-Tech Ceramics has been the source for many companies to acquire the best quality advanced ceramic components in the market. Providing precision products for semi conductors, government research, aerospace, university, chemical/wear-application industries nation wide. We can machine the simplest to the most intricate components with any specific advanced ceramic materials. Hi-Tech Ceramics commits to our customers to provide them with best product and service. Hi-Tech Ceramics still continues to meet a level of quality that exceeds customer’s expectation’s nation wide.

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Hi-Tech Ceramics takes great pride in our ability to machine any specific components needed by our customers, with endless types of different advanced ceramic materials. With a combination of over 60 years, our very skillful craftsmen strive to give our customers the best product guarentee. Hi-Tech Ceramic’s satisfaction is letting us help you acquire the best precision product out there in the market.

CNC Machining

Hi-Tech Ceramics is always pursuing to have the best precision tolerance and production. Making production or custom components are just some of the benefits of C.N.C. machining in ceramics. Hi-Tech Ceramics, in developing this capability, has assured its customers of the foremost technology in the fabrication of ceramics.

JIG Grinding

Leading the industry with the best quality components needing JIG grinding of advanced ceramics. The capabilities of Hi-Tech Ceramics is endless with tolerances of +/-.0002 and better depending on customers specifications. Some of the skills offered by Hi-Tech Ceramics are performing tapered holes, slip fits, 0% chipped circuit board holes.

Surface Grinding

Hi-Tech Ceramics performs amazing work for surface grinding, utilizing excellent craftsmen to surface grind any type of advanced ceramic materials with tolerances of +/-.0001 and up to 18 inches in length.

I.D/O.D. Grinding

Many skills are offered with I.D. and O.D. grinding, we can utilize our machines to fit any drawings specifications,to custom making tools to fit any need for our machines. We can work on the simplest and to the most extract components out there in the market Hi-Tech Ceramics can perform and deliver the best ceramic components needed for the market today.

Centerless Grinding

Centerless Grinding capabilities for Hi-Tech Ceramics is important, due to the high demands of tight tolerance components, customer’s need today. Hi-Tech Ceramics centerless grinding tolerances are +/-.0001 up to 14 inches in length.


From production components to custom Hi-Tech Ceramics does it all. With excellent, and precise tooling we can offer endless options to fit any customer’s specific, and precision parts at a very reasonable turn around time.


Lapping is a skill done by our craftsmen here who have over 20 years of experience, who can take your components and give them a great finish. Let Hi-Tech Ceramics give your components a unbelievable finish with reasonable pricing and turn around time.



Made in USA

Ceramic Materials Machined

Material Formula Grade
Aluminum Nitride AIN -
Aluminum Oxide AI203 94%, 96%, 98%, 98.5%, 99.8%, 99.9%
Boron Carbide B4C -
Boron Nitride BN A, HP, HBR, HBC
Ferrite 3AI203-Sio2 -
Glass Si04 -
Macor - -
Quartz AI203 -
Sapphire Si02 -
Steatite Si02 -
Silicon Carbide SiC -
Silicon Nitride Si3N4 -
Magnetic Alnico, Neodymium Iron Boron
Zirconia Zr02 -
All materials are made in USA

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